Sandra Samman has lead a life rich in geographical and cultural diversity. Childhood years spent in Great Britain, the United Arab Emirates and the United States exposed her to extraordinary people and experiences, and developed her sense of perspective. This acute awareness of her place in the world and respect for diversity has helped Sandra arrive at her current place of strength, peace and centeredness.

Over time this influence caused her to undergo a philosophical metamorphosis, which resulted in her decision to pursue a new career path, that of yoga instructor. Sandra wanted to share her newfound holistic approach to building a healthy mind, body and spirit. As a yoga instructor she was able to positively impact her clients' issues with body image and diet, and promote general wellbeing.

A disk herniation in her early 20s had been debilitating at one time, but practicing yoga with the addition of core-strengthening pilates had reduced the chronic discomfort she had been experiencing even years afterwards. Eventually Sandra's favorite hobbies came to include biking, rock climbing, and wake boarding, all of which she now enjoys without pain.

With new power in her physical center and redoubled confidence in her mission, Sandra sought out new techniques to round out and deepen her knowledge and skills. After years of dedicated study, Sandra's current areas of expertise include:

By combining the best of what she's learned, Sandra developed the incomparable Core in Motion program. She stays current to better serve her students by continuously learning alternative methods of self-improvement via exercise and nutrition.

The combination of Core in Motion, yoga and pilates has the power to strengthen all of us externally and internally. Sandra's wish is that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the strength, peace and comfort she has found. Feel free to e-mail with questions, or stop by a program class to see what Core in Motion can do for you.

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